Puppy Socialization

Puppy Socialization

New Puppy? Now’s the time to socialize!

SocializationPuppies socialize much easier than adolescent or adult dogs – so get started! Expose your puppy to a variety of people, animals, sights, sounds, surfaces, places, etc. to insure he develops into a confident, stable adult with a wonderful temperament.

Inadequate socialization can result in a dog who is ill-equipped to deal with life. These dogs are stressed, lack confidence and, as a result, may bite and/or fight. Early, thorough socialization can help avoid these problems. If you wait until your pup is grown up, you may have to play “catch-up” which can take a long time and be less successful.

As many people as possible should positively interact with your pup, giving him treats, playing with him, petting him, etc. All of these interactions will teach your dog that humans are fun to have around. If your pup seems shy or fearful, get to work as soon as possible! These pups need help boosting their confidence. Use treats, praise and petting for all brave behaviors. Ignore fearful behaviors. Let your shy guy progress at his own pace.

Make a concerted effort to socialize your puppy while he is young, but continue the process once he has grown. If you stop exposing your dog to things, over time he can become unsocialized. Socialization must be an active, positive and pleasant experience for him. Puppy Kindergarten is a great place to start!