Puppy & Dog Training Classes | Serving Portland, Oregon since 1999



We get lots of calls every day. Here are some commonly asked questions we hear.

How much are your classes and how long are they?

How do I register and pay for class?

How many dogs do you allow in class? (And is that number flexible?)

Can my significant-other come?

Can I bring my kids?

My dog lunges toward other dogs and barks a lot at them – is class right for them?

I need to miss a class – can I make it up?

My dog is sick – should I bring them anyway?

Something came up, and I need to cancel class after it’s already started.

Is there any guarantee to the training?

My dog is not spayed – what do I do when she’s in season?

My puppy does not yet have all of their shots. Should I wait to take Puppy Kindergarten?

Can I skip Beginning and go right on to Intermediate?

How do I know if I will like my class or trainer?