We get lots of calls every day. Here are some commonly asked questions we hear.

How long are your classes?
Our Puppy Kindergarten, Beginning and Rally-O classes last for six consecutive weeks. Our intermediate-level classes (Puppy Intermediate, Intermediate, Action & Distraction and Games & Tricks) are five weeks long. Each weekly session lasts one hour, with the exception of the orientation (first class, without dogs) for Puppy K and Beginning, which can last up to 90 minutes.

How do I register and pay for class?
You can register by clicking the “enroll” button on any class with space available. Payment is processed securely through PayPal. If a class is marked FULL, you can call to get on a waiting list.

How many dogs do you allow in class? (And is that number flexible?)
We have two training rooms. One has space for seven dogs and the other for nine. We are not able to over-book classes due to space limitations and quality control. If you see a class that’s full, please call to get on the waiting list.

Can my significant other come?
Yes, we allow two people per registration. We encourage you to bring your training partner. It makes it easier if you’re both learning firsthand!

Can I bring my kids?
We are allowing two people per registration. Children under 18 must be accompanied by a parent. They are welcome to attend if they are able pay attention, follow directions and remain seated unless working with a dog. We may ask the adult to handle the leash for safety reasons.

My dog lunges toward other dogs and barks a lot at them – is class right for my dog?
If your dog is fearful and/or acts aggressively or barks excessively at other dogs, class probably is not right for them at this time. A private training may be more suitable, at least to get you started. For everyone’s sake (including yours!), all dogs in class must be comfortable around other dogs and people.

I need to miss a class – can I make it up?
Sorry, we are not able to do makeup classes, since our start dates are staggered. However, you’ll be able to get homework, and you can follow up with a phone call if you have any questions about it. It’s ideal if you can make every class for your dog’s progression, but we understand if you need to miss one or two. Any more than that would likely put you behind, so please schedule accordingly.

My dog is sick – should I bring them anyway?
Absolutely not. Coughing, diarrhea or vomiting could be signs of a contagious virus, and therefore, your dog should stay at home. If your dog is sick in any way, please talk to your vet about when they’re okay to return to class. We’ll work with you in any way we can.

Something came up, and I need to cancel class after it's already started.
Sorry, we are not able to issue refunds after the class has started. We may be able to transfer your credit to a future class. Though we are losing the income, so please keep that in mind.

Is there any guarantee to the training?
Since we’re training you how to train your dog, it is only as good as the practice you put in. We try to make it fun, but you have to do the homework, and that includes managing your dog’s environment. So, therefor, we can’t put any money-back-guarantee to it. Feel free to contact us before signing up to make sure it’s the right fit for you.

My dog is not spayed – what do I do when she's in season?
Female dogs in season are welcome to come to class*, but they must wear sanitary “diapers.” Please be aware it may affect behavior and keep plenty of distance from other dogs.  *This applies to our 1-hour classes only; not to Day Training.

My puppy does not yet have all of their shots. Should I wait to take Puppy Kindergarten?
Once your puppy has had the first set of shots, they can come to class. We spray the floors with an anti-viral solution, and you step through a foot bath on your way in. We think it’s most important to have a well-socialized puppy, and we do all we can to keep the risk very low.

Can I skip Beginning and go right on to Intermediate?
Our Intermediate-level classes are designed to be part two of our intro-level classes. If you have not taken Beginning or Puppy class, and you think you’re ready, we can arrange an evaluation. Your dog will just need to show they can focus on you while around other dogs, sit, down, come when called, and have a solid foundation of leave it, stay and walking on leash.

How do I know if I will like my class or trainer?
You are welcome to sit in and view any of our classes. Just call us at 503-731-8774 to make arrangements.