Celebrating 25 Happy-Go-Lucky Years!

Celebrating 25 Happy-Go-Lucky Years!

Welcome to Happy-Go-Lucky!

When picking a dog training school, experience matters. Since 1999, we’ve been honored to serve countless dogs and their people with some of the most fun, comprehensive training classes known to Portland.

In addition to classes, we also offer Day Training school, a twice-a-week drop-off service. It’s a great way to help fast-track your dog’s training, manners and social skills with other friendly dogs. Call to get on the list!

If an in-person class doesn’t fit your schedule, check out all of our virtual training options or call to set up a private session today.

Please contact us at 503-731-8774 to learn more about any of our training options.

Our Story

We opened Happy-Go-Lucky Dog Training in Portland, OR in 1999 with a mission: to improve the quality of life for dogs and their people.

Sure, we’re dog trainers, but more than that, we’re people trainers, showing you how to get the best out of your life with your dog. It’s dog training that’s beyond obedience. It’s about setting you and your dog up for success and helping you build a relationship with your dog. We call it, “Positive methods. Rewarding results.” After all, having a dog is supposed to be fun!

Conveniently located just off NE Glisan on 28th Avenue, we offer classes ranging from Puppy and Beginning levels to intermediate choices like Action & Distraction, Games & Tricks and our seasonal Out-on-the-Town.

So if you’re looking for a dog training class, day training, or need one-on-one help with a private dog trainer, give us a call today at 503.731.8774.

Our Dog Trainers

At Happy-Go-Lucky, our dog trainers and class assistants are skilled trainers of dogs and people, teaching you positive, practical methods.

In our two training rooms, we currently host 5-7 dogs per class, so there’s lots of one-on-one attention. You’ll typically have an instructor and an assistant in your class.

Tips & Tricks

We’ve put together some helpful tips and tricks for you and your pups.

  • Appropriate Play

    Managing and training your dog can help prevent inappropriate play which can escalate into aggression. PLAYING WITH YOU Puppies first learn to play with their littermates. Their play consists of a lot of rough-and-tumble activity and tons of play biting. A dog playing in this fashion with an adult or child can be potentially dangerous. […]

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  • Dogs & Children

    Dogs and children can have a wonderful time together with proper guidance and supervision. Left to their own devices, however, safety can become a major issue. Boisterous and loud children can be threatening or overstimulate a dog. Children can hug too hard, pull or poke and dogs can respond with a defensive bite. Yearly, countless […]

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  • Leadership

    All dogs need owners to provide leadership so they can be well-adjusted and polite family members. Without a leader to provide structure, guidelines and training, dogs may become pushy, out-of-control, prone to tantrums, stressed…you get the general idea. Being a leader does not mean being rough or harsh with our dogs. We can get the message across […]

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Based on 37 Reviews
Anne C.
2024-03-22 18:44:19
Excellent training for our new rescue. He has gone to their day program and loves going to school. It's his favorite place.
Cynthia T.
2024-02-18 10:06:22
So far we have taken two classes, puppy kindergarten and intermediate obedience, and had private training. I have been owning dogs for 45 years and have...read more
Laura M.
2024-01-09 19:07:19
The best classes and instructors! My pup and I have taken 4 different classes. I was unprepared for the challenges of training a dog, Happy Go Lucky has...read more
Mandi A.
2023-06-29 13:39:34
Many years and many great dog training experiences here! I started with my new-to-me adult dog several years ago who was mildly leash reactive and had not...read more
Ahmad Y.
2023-01-25 14:00:05
Initially we were concerned because of a review we saw commenting on bias toward Pitbull breeds, but we're happy to confirm that is absolutely not true. Our...read more
Rachel J.
2021-02-27 19:33:47
Recently took my chihuahua in for a beginners obedience class and it was tremendously helpful! The trainers there are all very knowledgeable and can answer...read more
Rowan I.
2019-10-18 22:20:56
Really great trainers. I loved Susan and Morgan, and they were so great at coaxing my nervous and shy dog out of her shell. Over the course of five weeks...read more
Tracy L.
2019-03-18 17:04:15
I took my puppy to the Puppy Kindergarten and the Puppy intermediate classes. Becky was so amazing. She's both a dog and a human whisperer. It was an...read more
Jeanie N.
2018-11-22 12:12:36
Our dog went to Puppy Kindergarten and Puppy Intermediate here and loved coming to this place. He was always excited to see the building! The staff took...read more
Courtney B.
2018-01-18 22:13:06
I took my English Golden Retriever puppy here for Puppy Kindergarten and Puppy Intermediate classes and we loved both of them. I initially researched all...read more
Kelcie Grace G.
2017-09-11 08:41:02
Great place to train your puppy! We've taken two classes from here and very much enjoyed them both. Our dog learned quite a bit and we were given homework...read more
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Laura Milne
Laura Milne
03:03 10 Jan 24
I’ve taken 4 classes with my young dog at Happy Go Lucky and I’m so grateful for their guidance and instruction. The instructors are TERRIFIC and the extras that Susan taught in obedience have proven to be essential to calm, daily living with my dog. Having never trained a puppy, I was unprepared for the challenges and was floundering when we arrived. Through the classes I’ve become much more confident and my dog is thriving!read more
Mike Rhine
Mike Rhine
02:49 16 Jun 22
Before the training with HGL our pup was anxiety ridden, didn't know how to be a dog and wouldn't take treats. Now she can sit, recalls to her name, and has started playing! I can't imagine how long it would have taken to get her to be more comfortable with us and learn new things without the instructors and their wealth of knowledge.Aspen and Jackie are phenomenal teachers! They're kind, receptive to each dog's needs and really have an interest in improving not only the skills of the dog, but the relationships between dog and owner.10/10 would recommend!read more
MaryBeth Cruz
MaryBeth Cruz
03:44 27 Jan 22
We are so thrilled with Happy Go Lucky! Our 7 month old labradoodle is picking up some great manners and training. Or maybe I should say, we are learning together! Dog training is not just for the dog! LOL. Great trainers!!read more
Sharon Day
Sharon Day
16:12 03 Jul 18
We have taken several classes here with different dogs with very different personalities and have had great success every time. All of the instructors are very competent and easy to work with and tailor their instruction for your dog. Highly recommend.read more
Kim Fournier
Kim Fournier
02:31 10 Jan 15
A great place to turn your pup into a good citizen. I brought my rescue to Happy go Lucky two years ago. Susan was patient with us and helped me learn to read my dog's behavior, and my dog learned how to be a dog. We had so much fun as we progressed through the courses. I recommend this great group of instructors to anyone considering classes for their puppy or dog. We still go back for drop in classes and enjoy socializing with a great group of people and their dogs.read more
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