Puppy Kindergarten

6-week course for puppies 9-15 weeks of age at start of class. $260

We want you to have a well-trained – and well-adjusted – puppy, so this first level starts with the socialization that’s so crucial in shaping what kind of dog your puppy will become. Pups will have playtime interrupted by focusing on you, along with exposure to different people, sounds and objects. We also know you want a well-mannered dog, so we cover all the basics, like:

  • Name recognition
  • Sit & down
  • Watch (attention on you)
  • Come when called
  • Handling
  • Exercise and self-control
  • Biting/Mouthiness
  • Housetraining tips
  • Loose-leash walking

In accordance with the state restrictions being lifted on 3/12, we will no longer be requiring masks as of that date. Clients and staff are welcome to wear masks if they choose.

We are now allowing 2 people per registration. For safety reasons, children under 18yrs must be accompanied by an adult, be able to pay attention, follow directions and remain seated (unless working with a dog). We may ask that the adult handle the leash.

*If you or anyone in your household has any symptoms of COVID, do not come to class or send anyone else with your dog. Call us to make alternate arrangements and/or receive a refund.  You will not be penalized for cancellations due to COVID.


 First class is a people-only orientation that lasts up to an hour and a half. The following sessions are one hour each.

Video Consults

Schedule a one-on-one training session from the safety and comfort of your home (via Zoom):

30-Minute Video Consult

60-Minute Video Consult


Train at Home

Train at your own pace with our special 5-video package:

Train-at-Home Package (5 Videos)


In-Person Classes