Intro to Rally Obedience

Introduction to Rally Obedience is a 6-week course for dogs that have taken our Beginning or Puppy Kindergarten & Puppy Intermediate. $260

To take this class, your dog must be comfortable/friendly around other dogs and people, with no aggression or excessive barking.

Have fun learning the sport of Rally Obedience! Navigate a course of numbered signs with your dog. Each sign has a detailed behavior you and your dog execute. This class is great for increasing teamwork and responsiveness to cues in a game-like fashion.


In accordance with the state restrictions being lifted on 3/12, we will no longer be requiring masks as of that date. Clients and staff are welcome to wear masks if they choose.

We are now allowing 2 people per registration. For safety reasons, children under 18yrs must be accompanied by an adult, be able to pay attention, follow directions and remain seated (unless working with a dog). We may ask that the adult handle the leash.

*If you or anyone in your household has any symptoms of COVID, do not come to class or send anyone else with your dog. Call us to make alternate arrangements and/or receive a refund.  You will not be penalized for cancellations due to COVID.

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