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We opened Happy-Go-Lucky Dog Training in Portland, OR in 1999 with a mission: to improve the quality of life for dogs and their people. Sure, we’re dog trainers, but more than that, we’re people trainers, showing you how to get the best out of your life with your dog. It’s dog training that’s beyond obedience. It’s about setting you and your dog up for success and helping you build a relationship with your dog. We call it, “Positive methods. Rewarding Results.” After all, having a dog is supposed to be fun!

So if you’re looking for a dog training class, or need one-on-one help with a private dog trainer, give us a call today at 503.731.8774.


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Based on 17 Reviews
Kieran H.
Kieran H.
2016-11-28 20:31:35
Took a beginning obedience class and came away having learned a lot about how to train my dog. I probably learned more than my dog did! I would definitely...
J.B E.
J.B E.
2016-09-22 18:15:20
These guys were wonderful with my lovable but slightly insane doggy. We took Beginning Obedience led by Ayesha, who was patient, helpful, and energetic. We...
Kate E.
Kate E.
2015-08-15 16:37:34
We're in the middle of Beginning Obedience and have really enjoyed the classes so far. Our instructor Cam is awesome - really calm/chill and great with all...