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Rally Obedience 1 & 2

Rally Obedience 1 & 2

RALLY 1 IS A 6-WEEK COURSE FOR DOGS THAT HAVE TAKEN OUR BEGINNING OR PUPPY KINDERGARTEN & PUPPY INTERMEDIATE. RALLY 2 IS A 5-WEEK COURSE FOR DOGS THAT HAVE COMPLETED RALLY 1* Dogs from outside the program must be evaluated. Not for reactive (barking and lunging at other dogs or people) or aggressive dogs. Please call for details.

Looking for a fun sport to share with your dog? Rally-O combines elements of obedience training, freestyle, and agility. In this introduction course you will first learn the basic side-steps, pivots, and finishes, and then try them out while navigating a series of obedience signs. You and you dog will be weaving through cones, back stepping in unison, spinning circles, and getting familiar with the different signs. Whether you are here to have fun or to start competing in trials, this class offers a great opportunity to work with your dog in harmony and have a great time doing so!

We will be learning both AKC and APDT rules. Two levels, taught by Brittan.

You must complete Intro to Rally to register for Rally Level 2.

*Dogs must be people- and dog- friendly and walking reasonably well on a leash. This class is not appropriate for dogs with reactivity  issues (barking/lunging at other dogs or people).